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Book Review

Book cover for Exhalation


Every decision you make contributes to your character and shapes the kind of person you are.

Exhalation is a compilation of sci-fi short stories from Ted Chiang. Don't let the length of his stories to discourage you. There is so much emotion, imagination, and intelligence packed in each of his stories. I could read a full-length book or watch a movie based on the stories that he skillfully constructs. There are few stories in this book that likely won't appeal to you at all. However, his better stories are beyond amazing and make it worth all the effort. I had so many favorites in this book, but "Anxiety is Dizziness of Freedom" might be my favorite short story of all time. It constructs a world where the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics is real, and there is a device available that allows us to communicate with different branches from the time of the split. It is such a great story that is so rich in detail, emotions, and imagination.