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What can $10 get you in Turkey?

The Turkish economy has been struggling for the past few years due to rampant inflation and currency devaluation. Inflation currently stands at over 50%, one of the highest in the world. In April 2018, one US dollar was worth 4 Turkish Lira; as of February 2023, it is worth around 20 Liras. This has had a significant impact on citizens, as goods and services are becoming increasingly expensive. It is difficult for people to make ends meet.

On top of the harsh economic reality, southern Turkey is also struck by two earthquakes of unprecedented proportions. The conditions couldn't have been worse. This straitened region is now dealing with the death and destruction that this disaster has brought amid freezing temperatures.

There is one upside to the economic situation. It makes Turkish goods and services very affordable in the international market. I wanted to chart what you can get for $10 in Turkey as of today. This is not for you to go on a shopping spree for thousands of loaves of bread, though. I want you to see how far your donations can go. Even just $10 can make a material difference in people's life.

However, you are also free to buy thousands of loaves of bread 🍞 You do you. 🙌🏻



Bottles of Water


Loafs of Bread


Boxes of Grains




Sanitary Pads


Rolls of Bandage